Advocacy: Let your voice be heard!

One of the best ways you can support Open Door is by being an advocate.

Open Door collaborates with the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) and the Community Health Centers Association for New York State (CHCANYS), both special advocacy organizations working on legislative & policy issues affecting Community Health Centers. Advocates for Open Door help by supporting community health issues at the local, state and national level. You can do this in the comfort of your own home; help at an Open Door health center or by accompanying Open Door to meet with our legislators in Albany on Advocacy Day. Your support as a health center advocate helps to urge our local, state and US legislators to continue support for community centers and Open Door. We need your voice, please make sure your voice is heard!

  • CHCANYS Advocacy Day:  Advocacy Day in Albany is right around the corner on Monday, March 2, 2015. Each year supporters, patients and staff members of Open Door take a bus to Albany for Community Health Centers Association of New York State's Advocacy Day. Attendees join health centers from all across the state for the opening session. We visit with our local legislators to talk about important issues affecting Open Door and community health centers in our state. Open Door will transport everyone on a bus from Ossining, plus breakfast and lunch are provided, so there is no cost . We need your voice, join us!

    If  you are interested in attending please contact Alicia Ward at or 914-502-1468.

  • Sign-up to be an Advocate: Support your community health center. As an Advocate, you will receive important information and emails, plus links to contact your local legislators. Your time, your way!

    Community Health Centers Association of New Yor State (CHCANYS) wor
    ks to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to quality health care. To sign up to become a grassroots health center advocate and receive important emails from CHCANYS click on the Enroll Now button.
    CHCANYS Advocacy Signup

National Association for Community Health (NACHC) is the national advocate for community health centers and access to primary health care. They have launched the Campaign for America's Helath Centers to ensure funding for health centers. Join the Campaign for America's Health Centers, to sign up to become a national advocate click on the Join image.



  • Health Center Help: Periodically we need volunteers to help in our health centers for important call in days and to encourage petitions to be signed supporting health care budget issues. (All sites, bilingual English/Spanish most needed)

    For more information on how to get involved in advocacy for Open Door please contact Alicia Ward at or call 914-502-1468.

    2012 Advocacy Day